“We were the best there ever was!” -SSGT James Wilson, B-511

11th Airborne Division Angels Sketch Patrick MulcahneyWelcome to the 11th Airborne Association, the Home of the Angels!

The 11th Airborne Division has a long and proud history of service in the United States Army beginning with our original activation on February 25, 1943 at Camp Mackall, North Carolina under the legendary Major General Joseph May Swing.

We rightfully have heard many nicknames applied to the 11th, though “The Angels” is the one we are most proud of (and is the most proper and official):

“Saviors of the Airborne” – Due to our roles in the Knollwood Maneuvers of 1943

“General Swing’s Hell’s Angels” – Due to the Division’s antics while stationed at Camp Polk, LA and later Dobodura, New Guinea in 1944.

“Liberators of Leyte / Luzon” – Due to the Division’s actions taken during World War II to free these island’s from the control of Imperial Japan.

“Heroes of Los Baños” – Due to the Division’s rescue of over 2,100 men, women and children from behind enemy lines on February 23, 1945. Not one internee was lost; they were all safely rescued that day. Click here to learn more.

“Pioneers of the Air Assault” – Due to the 11th Air Assault Division’s efforts and actions to develop the air mobility concept prior to the Vietnam war.

“Arctic Angels” – Due to the 11th Airborne Division’s reactivation in Alaska in 2022

During World War II, the 11th Airborne Division’s T/O came to include many units that are now spread throughout America’s military, but can always trace their lineage back to us:

  • 11th Airborne Division, Headquarters
  • 11th Airborne Division, Headquarters Company
  • 11th Airborne Division, Military Police Platoon
  • 408th Airborne Quartermaster Company
  • 511th Airborne Signal Company
  • 511th Parachute Infantry Regiment
  • 711th Airborne Ordinance Maintenance Company
  • 221st Airborne Medical Company
  • 127th Airborne Engineer Battalion
  • 152nd Airborne Antiaircraft Battalion
  • 457th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion
  • 674th Glider Field Artillery Battalion
  • 675th Glider Field Artillery Battalion
  • 187th Glider Infantry Regiment
  • 188th Glider Infantry Regiment

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11th Airborne Division Honor Guard Japan
11th Airborne Division – MacArthur’s Honor Guard, Atsugi, Japan

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